The GreenON Rebates program is now closed.
  • Rebate applications already submitted to the GreenON Rebates program will continue to be processed according to eligibility criteria as of June 18, 2018.
  • Important dates:
    • June 19, 2018: New rebate applications will not be accepted without proof of a firm commitment between the customer and a GreenON Rebates participating contractor being in place on or before June 19, 2018.
    • July 11, 2018: 'Firm Commitment Date' field and Upload Evidence button has been added and is now required for all applications.
    • July 16, 2018: By 11:59 p.m. EST on July 16, 2018, contractors are asked to email an Excel spreadsheet with a listing of all projects that had a firm commitment in place on or before June 19, 2018 that will be installed by October 31, 2018 and submitted by November 30, 2018. The intent is that only the customers listed on this pre-booking list will be considered for a rebate before the program ends. Contractors are asked to also include customer projects with a firm commitment in place on or before June 19, 2018 and an installation date after October 31, 2018.
    • October 31, 2018: Installations need to be completed by October 31, 2018.
    • November 30, 2018: Applications need to be submitted by contractors by November 30, 2018.